Logistics and Transport is our

Being a family-owned company we are able to act flexible and uncomplicated to all customers’ requirements. We personally take the burden for our thinking and doings. You - being our customer - can rely on our international experience

Your requirements to a service partner are highly volatile. We therefore created our own companies’ philosophy to always justify our doings to the specific needs and wishes of our customers which is qualified diversity and customer-conformal results in service and price.

Our major capital is our well trained employees with best professional knowledge and a top modern IT data.

Our companies’ success is based of just a few principles, i.e.

•  A dynamic management

•  A purposefully progress of competence and know how

•  To strive for modern quality

•  A distinctive company culture

•  An anticipated view to the market developments and the customers’ needs

A balanced combination of tradition, risk, innovation and the will to invest to market requirements is the aim of CCI Transport’s doings.

Our management combines academically and practical knowledge to the best possible synergy and to fulfil the ISO Standard Norm for our customers’ assurance.

Just call on us. Together with you we surely find the best solution to your problems!